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A Sharper Home helps Southern Californians enjoy the benefits of technology in their homes and businesses. Through our application of advisory, design, and installation services we enhance security, minimize energy costs, improve communication, and maximize entertainment and fun.


Eighty percent of our business comes from home remodeling or new construction. Because our founder has more then 15 years in computer and software development we are able to apply the newest and most exciting technologies in a way that is easy to use and non-threatening.   Whether you are building your next home or simply want to improve the safety, functionality, and entertainment of what you already have in place, we can provide solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget


We have brought an artistic esthetic to our commercial work. Our clients are leveraging new digital technologies to manage their surveillance, energy use, access control, and resource scheduling with sophisticated, easy-to-use systems.  Our smart meeting room solutions integrate the latest in video conferencing with multimedia products that can be operated without having an entire IT department standing by.